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The Gujarat State was carved out as a separate State on 1.5.1960 under the Gujarat Organization Act 1960 with the total area of 195024 sq.kms. Its population is 6.00 crores of which percentage of rural population is about 75 percent. nearly 90 lakhs farmers and farm workers are engaged in agricultural production which form about 65 percent of total work force in the State. The State is divided in to 26 districts with 225 talukas.

The Act for regulation of market was first enacted in the year 1939 during regime of former princely State of Baroda. The then Baroda State established regulated markets at Bodeli in the year 1937-38. .....

મહત્વની યોજનાઓ

Gujarat State Agriculture Marketing Board
કરાર ખેતી

Contract farming is a written commitment or an agreement made between the farmer and the buyer for cultivation and sale of specific quality, quantity, grade, and variety of commodity at predetermined price.

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  • દસ્તાવેજી ફિલ્મ

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  • ગુજરાત સરકાર
  • જી.એસ.ડબલ્યુ.એ.એન
  • : બહારની વેબસાઇટ નવા વિન્ડોમાં ખુલે છે
  • Office of The Chief Electoral Officer, Gujarat State : External website that opens in a new window
  • Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2019
  • Investment Intention Form
  • Strategic Partnership Form
  • 150 Years of Celebrating The Mahatma: External website that opens in a new window
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